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Special Gathering: Lights, Camera, Let's Take ACTION! "Chasing Faith" Partnership Drive

Studio 220 Films invites you to an exclusive event that bridges cinema and faith to catalyze vital social change. Lights, Camera, Let's Take ACTION! "Chasing Faith" Partnership Drive is more than an event; it’s the nexus of storytelling and real-world impact.

Join Us:
April 6th, 2:20 PM CDT
at the Fireside Room
One City Church
2350 Eastex Freeway
Beaumont, TX
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Event Highlights:

Addressing Today’s Challenges:  Join us as we unveil Chasing Faith, a project that pierces through the heart of trafficking, homelessness, and mental health issues, reflecting the stark realities faced nationwide and in your home town.

Collaborative Opportunities: Engage with us and learn how your support can extend beyond the screen, from unique acknowledgments to immersive experiences within the filmmaking process.

Intimate Industry Insight: Gain unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, and mingle with the visionaries at Studio 220 Films.

This special gathering is an opportunity for forward-thinkers who recognize the transformative power of faith-infused storytelling. Your engagement is vital, offering a chance to contribute to a movement that extends well beyond the cinematic realm.
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Become a Catalyst for Change: optimize
Step into the nexus of faith and film with Studio 220 Films for the Lights, Camera, Let's Take Action: Chasing Faith Partnership Drive. This special gathering calls upon those moved by a divine vision to impact the arts in profound ways. As the creators of the acclaimed The First Step, we're at a pivotal moment with our next endeavor, Chasing Faith, standing on the threshold of a possible partnership with Angel Studios—the minds behind transformative projects like The Chosen and Sound of Freedom. Angel Studios has shown interest and invites us to present more, setting the stage for this fundraising event to make it a reality.

Embark on this journey with us at 2:20 PM in the Fireside Room for an inspiring dessert dinner, where indulgence meets inspiration, accompanied by coffee and community. This is your invitation to potentially become an investor or even a stakeholder in a cinematic venture poised to bridge heaven and earth. With tickets at $12, we’re opening doors for a select few to ensure an intimate atmosphere for genuine connections and collaborative possibilities.

Angel Studios' keen interest to see more from Chasing Faith amplifies the urgency and significance of our mission. They're watching, waiting, and willing to be part of a movement that could redefine faith-based storytelling, provided we can show them the depth and reach of our vision.

This is more than just an event; it's a call to those who feel led to sow into the Kingdom through the Entertainment Mountain. By joining us, you’re not just attending an event—you're stepping into a role that could shape the future of faith-infused cinema.

Secure your opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking moment. Reserve your seat now at and be the catalyst in a collaboration that could transform how stories of faith are told and experienced.
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